Villari System

As previously stated, Fred Villari was one of
Nick Cerio’s earliest black belts. Although controversy seems to surround the Villari System, Fred Villari is most likely responsible for the greatest number of Shaolin Kempo practitioners today. At one time, Fred Villari commanded several hundred schools, and is responsible for several generations of black belts. Today, almost all schools of Shaolin Kempo are descended directly from him, or one of his second or third generation black belts. The current heads of the various organizations encompassing the numerous Shaolin Kempo Families are also formerly his senior students and black belts. Among these are organizations such as “Masters Self Defense,” “United,” “White Dragon Self Defense Systems,” “White Tiger,” “United Shaolin Kempo,” and several others. It is also noteworthy to mention that the three most senior black belts in the Nick Cerio Kenpo organization, Master Clermont Poulin, Master Joe Nesta, and Master Craig Seavy were formerly very senior Black Belts in the Fred Villari organization before cross ranking to Nick Cerio’s Kenpo.