United Martial Arts
Grandmaster Mailman

Grandmaster Mailman takes the 5 Animal System to Arroyo Grande in style.

At the United Martial Arts Association, we believe that fun is a good way to learn tradition and form a solid foundation in the Martial Arts discipline.

The Dojo in the park, is a new way for Grandmaster Mailman and United Martial Arts Association to have fun once a week with his students.

The Dojo in the park adds a traditional element that is missing in North America…“nature”. For centuries the art of martial arts were always practiced outdoors. The natural elements of nature and its surroundings helps the student grow spirituality, mentally and adds attention to detail that can only be found in a real life situations.

The Dojo in the park also enhances an element of difficulty; “uneven surfaces and distractions” helps the student build his or her confidence and focus.

Dojo in the park, is fun and gives others a chance to see the traditional martial arts at its finest.