Adult Classes

We teach a traditional system going all the way back to 527 AD. Shaolin was the first system of martial art to arrive in China. The ancients copied the movements of the leopard, tiger, crane, snake and dragon; no sense “reinventing the wheel”!

In the 1500 years since then, the system has grown to include a great many techniques that are fascinating! Practicing these movements is great exercise, is fun, and will leave you more coordinated, more fit and more confident!


My name is Bill Mailman, and I’ve dedicated my life to the martial arts, 37 years and counting! Lately the public’s image of the arts has changed from the once life enriching perspective to a more combative point of view, with people really hurting each other, blood flying, brutal matches.

The martial arts have been around since at least 527 AD, when an Indian monk, named Boddidharma, came to the Shaolin monastery in China bearing the seeds of our art. Over the years it became a way of life for thousands, myself included. It was about your chi, or inner force. The exercises and techniques you learned changed you! After a while you will find your balance, your reflexes, and your inner peace will all be enlightened!

There is a calming effect from greater control and an inner peace that is enhanced by the study of martial arts. You will remain calm when before you would have been anxious. You will be confident in your ability to overcome obstacles from all the testing that one endures as they progress up the ranks to black belt.

I often ask , which would you rather do: mindless repetitive exercises like push-ups and sit ups or would you rather learn an art? It’s easier to work out when it’s fun and interesting. Also, having a group that expects to see you a few times a week helps get you off the couch!

Don’t kid yourself. You won’t loose weight, tone up and get in shape without hard work and sweat! Martial arts are aerobic and work all the muscles. You’ll notice your arms, legs, and core all getting toned and trim. All while enjoying the fascinating techniques you’ll learn to advance in rank. It’s been around for thousands of years and many people have dedicated their lives to it. It works and will hold your interest!

Increased inner peace, increased balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and the confidence you need to succeed; what’s wrong with that? Help me in my life’s goal to pass this great art down to the next generation! Get in the shape of your life, and then pass it on!

I remember the day I first walked into a martial arts school, it was January 2nd, 1976, a new year’s resolution that stuck! One of my first questions was, “Am I going to be a “punching bag” for the higher ranks?” The answer was no, then and now. We’re not a bunch of tough guys who have punched and kicked our way through life. I have doctors and lawyers who come to me. We have a civilized clientele who don’t want to go home with a broken nose any more than you do. We work together to help each other become better martial artists.

We stretch and do exercises to strengthen muscles and ligaments in order to prevent injury. We work with each other on techniques like knife, gun, and club defenses. What would you do if someone punched at you or kicked at you? What about if they put a hold on you? How would you get out? We’ll cover it all as you go up in rank.

I have trained thousands of people to black belt and higher. It’s fun, and life changing! So come on down and begin your martial arts career today!