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Improve your child’s fitness, self-esteem and confidence with our classes for kids! Through a combination of traditional and contemporary methods, kids are taught the art of Shaolin, while having fun and getting fit.

Interested in Martial Arts but are not trying out for the UFC? Come take our classes on traditional Shaolin and learn the animal styles. Strengthen your body and mind and have some fun at the same time!

Learn the ancient traditional Shaolin Martial Arts in the comfort of your own home!

We are now doing private lessons
either at our location or yours.

Contact us for details.

30 MIN Group Classes now!
M&W at 3:00


Our Mission

Today there is a trend in the martial arts toward mixed arts, that is, wrestling has been added to the traditional stand-up arts, but it seems as though the arts have lost the positiveness that they always have conveyed! Here at UMAA we believe the art should give you strength, balance, coordination, fitness, and a positive self-attitude.

We haven’t changed the art to comply with a fad, it is the original art, started 527 AD in China. It incorporates five main animals as part of fighting techniques. The tiger, leopard, crane, snake, and dragon techniques allow you to overcome any opponent. It’s similar to the game “rocks, paper, and scissors”, in that if someone large is coming directly at you, he may be considered the tiger. You will know from your studies how to defend against this with crane, snake and leopard techniques!

You’ll get in great shape while learning self-defense and you’ll enjoy it!

Call and set up your private introductory lesson today!